Hello, my name is Kenny, I want to thank you for visiting As the name might suggest this is a website dedicated to helping parents of baby’s, toddlers and infants, by discussing various baby related topics, and doing reviews on relevant products and services.

A LITTLE ABOUT MEMy family together.

So I would like to share a bit about myself and what motivates me. I am a 36-year-old dad of 2 beautiful and very energetic boys, aged 5 and 1. I live in England, London to be precise, with my wife, and I have an understanding of how important it is for parents to find the right bed for their kids. After all, as much fun as they are when their awake, it is really nice to be able to take a break when their sleeping, right! So to that end, I decided to create this site to aid in the process of helping you decide which Moses basket, baby carrier, crib or cot bed is right for your kids.


I can still remember what it was like when my wife and I were expecting the first of our 2 sons, the mixture of feelings you have is almost overwhelming. You are excited, happy and a little scared all at the same time. Or at least we were, after all having kids is life changing, forever. You no longer have the luxury to just get up and go somewhere on a whim, have an extra couple of hours in bed if you don’t have work, you start realising everything takes more time, more planning, and there is the added cost of having to be responsible for another tiny person.


I’ve gone through all these emotions and I can say that they are absolutely worth it, as nothing in your life can bring you the same joy as your children. But let’s face it, it can be tough at times too. The sleepless nights, knowing there is now someone else that relies on you completely, and of course for most of us, there is the added financial stretch of having a young family.

So I thought I would start a site that would allow me to share some of my feelings and give whatever advice and help I can, be that from my own experiences or from a range of reputable sources, to help other parents out there.


And that is what led me to create I wanted to put together a site where parents could find easy access to a wide variety of topics and useful content, as well as get quality product reviews on a range of baby and infant products.

So whether it is your looking for advice about safety for newborns, or the challenges of travelling long distance with your kids, I hope you will be able to find at least a few topics you are interested in and take some tips.

And if you are looking for the best Moses basket, crib, cot or other baby essentials, I will try my best to leave a detailed review that will give you ideas for where you can go to get you little ones what they need to be happy and healthy!

If you ever have any questions, or would like to give any feedback or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will definitely get back to you promptly.

All the best,

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18 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION”

  1. Bree says:


    I wish this site was around when my kids were young!
    At ages 13, 9 and 7 I am past the baby stages.
    I will however be sharing this page with my expecting family members and friends!

    1. Thanks so much. Much appreciated, really glad you like the site.

  2. AlanJE says:

    Hi Kenny, This is a very interesting and valuable site, thank you Alan

    1. Thanks Alan, I always appreciate anyone taking the time to leave my feedback.

  3. Laura says:

    Very informative and well presented site. Such good advice to know for parents especially first time parents 🙂

    1. Thank you, really appreciate the feedback!

  4. Perry Drost says:

    Very clean and presentable website. Everything flows together nicely. I can tell as well that this is something you are passionate about through the way the words are writing and things that you say. All in all very nice website.

    1. Hi and thank you for replying to my post. Yes I am very passionate about what I write about, and I appreciate your feedback regarding my site. Thanks, Kenny

  5. Ricardo E Cisneros says:

    Hello Kenny,

    Love the site, love the passion and love your story.

    As a parent and grandparent I can relate to the website and its content. But what I really have to give you kudos on is how you’ve personalize the site so that the readers can relate and derive credibility from the author (a parent).

    Great work and I have every reason to believe this will just continue to improve.

    All My Best,


    1. Wow, thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Yes I ha e tried to connect with people by showing the real me. I hope you will visit again soon. Thanks Kenny

  6. Sukumar Thingom says:

    I am a dad to 2 beautiful boys – aged 6 and 1. See? I’m in a similar situation as you 🙂 Can you see why I can relate to so many things that you say? When my second son was born last year, it took quite an adjustment for all of us – my wife, myself, my own parents and most importantly, my older son. Initially, he found it difficult to come to terms with having to share our attention with his little brother. But everything’s fine now. Your website is a wonderful concept. I have already bookmarked it.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Thanks and I appreciate your similar perspective to my own. Not many dads blog about these issues. Lol. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Definitely it takes time for a child to be used to a new sibling. Thanks Kenny.

  7. kaeyoes says:

    Oh, my kids are all older than the little kid age.  I do help out at a daycare once in a while, though!  So, I’ll be referring to your site often, I’m sure!  What a great idea for a site 🙂  So glad that you’re here to share what you can with all of us 🙂

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi that’s great, and I hope I can carry on providing value to you too. Thanks, Kenny 

  8. Riza says:

    Very nice idea some of us haven’t gotten to parenting but its better to start learning now in order to be good at parenting. I like the way you have described your websites purpose. Continue putting out more content so that it can be of help and guidance for people who are just starting out in parenting or are already parents. Great job. Thank you very much.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi thanks for visiting my site, I’m sure I will be adding much more content in the future and I hope you will return to view and leave me your thoughts in the future too. Thanks, Kenny

  9. Dale says:

    We are grandparents and just had a new grand baby 3 weeks ago.  So this site is great and couldn’t have come at a better time.  After all we are grandparents and its been a while since we new all the rules or tricks of raising kids, especially babies.  While we aren’t raising our grand baby we spend a lot of time with him so its nice to have some ammunition.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi that’s great to hear and I am hoping all goes well for you and your family. Thank you, Kenny 

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