ERGOBABY METRO vs BABYZEN YOYO+, which stroller is better?


Hello, if you’re here then you’re probably wondering which of these 2 super compact and lightweight strollers is a better fit for you and your baby. This is a product review of the Ergobaby Metro vs Babyzen Yo-yo+, which stroller is better?

Ergobaby Metro vs Babyzen Yoyo+, which stroller is better?

And by better, I mean overall score after weighing up the key features of each of these strollers and their respective pros and cons. Of course we will also factor in the price of each of these strollers too, as this will also be a key factor for most people when making a decision on which of these strollers you should purchase.

Why the Ergobaby Metro vs the Babyzen Yoyo+?

Well, because at their heart the key features of these 2 strollers are very similar. They are designed to be extremely lightweight and more importantly have the same key feature of being able to become super compact when folded up, and very easy to carry.

Essentially they are being aimed at busy parents who are living in a fast paced environment and would appreciate the ease of use of such convenient to use lightweight strollers for travel and getting around in their day to day activities with their babies.

That’s not to say that these strollers can only be used by busy urban city dwellers by any means, both of these compactible strollers are very well made as we will see and offer a high end experience for both parent and baby in any case.

And that’s why I am reviewing these 2 strollers side by side, so that you can see the where they do differ and then make an informed choice as to which one is right for your family. So without any firuther delay, let’s take a look at both of their  aim key features.

First let’s take a look at their key features (Pros)

So first let’s look at the Babyzen Yoyo+. This stroller has been designed to be taken anywhere with a minimum of fuss.

The Babyzen Stroller

It’s key features are as follows:

▪️It’s very lightweight, depending on if you using the Yo-yo+ newborn pack or the 6 month onwards fabrics, the weight of this stroller is between 6.2-6.6 kgs.

▪️ It has a quick and easy one hand folding and unfolding feature, and it really is that easy.

▪️ The XXL storage basket is a nice feature considering the whole frame is designed to be super compact.

▪️ Which brings me to the key feature of this very clever stroller. When compacted the Babyzen measures at L:52cm, W:44cm, H18cm. Which in many cases is small enough to take on a plane as hand luggage! I’m not saying you should take it as hand luggage, just that you can. There is also a carry strap attached for ease of carrying when in the folded position.

The Babyzen best feature

▪️ It is compatible with a car seat. If you are going to have a baby, you are going to have to but a car seat. So bring on the Babyzen izi Go Modular, by Besafe. It fits nicely on to the Babyzen stroller frame using the included Yoyo+ adapters and you don’t even need to remove the stroller fabrics. It is a little pricey though at £240 ($310).

▪️ Now you will need to choose which variant of the Babyzen you want. This will come down to the age of your baby. If your child is 0-6 months then you will go with the 0+ edition.

In this variant the baby lies parent facing to encourage bonding with their parents. It comes with a 5 point harness, a 2 position pop-up style canopy and a foot cover and headrest.

▪️ So what if I want to go with the 6 month onwards variant? Well then this consists of a different fabric and you can now have your baby facing away from you and sitting up using the multi position incline on the backrest. Up to a maximum of 145 degrees. Again the padding can be used with the very secure 5 point harness.

So what about the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller? The clever team over at Ergobaby have come up with a very neat design. Similar in some ways to the Babyzen.

Another highly compact stroller

Now I should point out I have a full detailed review of the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller on another post which you can read about here. But for comparison purposes I will run through the key features of the Ergobaby Metro as follows.

▪️ The Ergobaby is also designed for ease of use and carry. It’s very lightweight at only 6.3 kgs.

▪️ It’s dimensions are L:52cm, W:44cm, H:23cm. So virtually the same as the Babyzen.

▪️ It also has a one hand fold and unfold feature.

▪️ Again the key feature of this stroller is it’s incredible compactability. You can take it just about anywhere with you when you need to and it is so lightweight you will feel as though you’re holding a briefcase. Although this compact stroller does not have the carry strap feature.

This is the folded Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller

It does however have the separate rain proof carry bag that you can fit the stroller into if you so choose. Which is actually a good option for protecting your stroller from the elements in poor weather conditions. It does come at a cost of £24.90 ($32.25). But unless you live in a place with no rain I would make the investment.

▪️ Now I do have to say that in my view the materials that have gone into creating the Ergobaby Metro are just a little bit more luxurious than that of the Babyzen Yoyo+.

▪️ It also has an adjustable leg rest, a large storage basket and smooth ride suspension.

Along with the UPF 50 sun canopy multi position recliner seat.

▪️ Similar to the Babyzen, the Ergobaby Metro Stroller will need a separate insert depending on whether you buy it for a newborn or from 6 months onwards.

One key difference about Ergobaby Metro is that it is bought originally to be used from 6 months on. And if you you want to use it for you child straight away you will need to purchase the newborn kit for around £129.90 ($168). The newborn kit is parent facing also.

The newborn insert is sold separately

Which does seem a little pricey at first glance. But these are both high end strollers and you get the luxury you pay for.

What about what they could do better? (Cons)

Ok so my main gripe about both of these strollers is the same. I don’t think it’s right to make parents pay extra for either the newborn or the 6 month inserts respectively. But at least the Ergobaby comes as standard with the 6 month on insert for longer use.

Given what both of these strollers cost I would have liked to seen a few more accessories thrown in, but I guess this is just part of the marketing strategy from both companies.

So what about their price? Such similar products should have a comparable price right? Turns out not.

So now to the all important question of price. I deliberately waited this long in the review in order to demonstrate the biggest key difference in these 2 very similarly designed strollers. The Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller costs £299.90 ($388).

Where as the Babyzen Yoyo+ will cost you £389 ($503). Plus the 6 month onwards insert or newborn insert (depending on which original variant you buy), for another £50-60 ($65-75), depending on where you buy it. Amazon was the cheapest I could find.

Don’t get me wrong, if you add in the Ergobaby newborn pack, then there really isn’t a lot in it. The point I would make is that you could go from 6 months right up to 3 years plus with the standard Ergobaby Metro.

But your going to have to pay the £389 ($503) as standard regardless of which variant you buy from Babyzen, even without an insert buy.

My verdict, your decision.

So here it is then. My verdict. In truth there is not slot in the price of these 2 high end strollers once the inserts costs added in. Unless you don’t buy either insert, in which case the Ergobaby Metro is significantly better value.

Also in terms of the key features they are both designed with the same unique features in mind. That being they are highly compactible and very lightweight, with ease of carry.

The difference is in my view the detail to quality. The materials used are just a little nicer on the Ergobaby Metro and the whole purpose on Ergobabys existence is to put the comfort of your baby at the front of what they do.

So unless you just have a personal preference for Babyzen, then I would say that the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller JUST has the edge over the Babyzen Yoyo+.

If you wish to view a couple of alternatives to either of these strollers then I can also recommend looking at the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller, or the Armadillo City Slim Folding Pushchairfrom Mamas&Papas. Check out either by clicking on the highlighted text above.

However if you want to check out the either of the Ergobaby Strollers then please do so by CLICKING THE LINK HERE NOW, and go straight through to the Ergobaby main site.

In my view the Ergobaby Metro just edges it’s competition

Many thanks for visiting my site and I hope you found this review useful. Also if you would like to leave a comment, like or share below please do so as this really helps the site out. Hope to see you again soon.


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27 thoughts on “ERGOBABY METRO vs BABYZEN YOYO+, which stroller is better?”

  1. Hanna says:

    Thanks so much informations on this 2 different kinds of compact strollers.

    It is actually very timely, since i have a very close friends who are travelling.  They have a 6 month old baby and were shopping for a compact stroller.  It`s a good thing i stumble in your article.

    I know both strollers mentioned were high-end, very pricey.  But the comfort they will bring not only to the baby but to the parents who are going to pack and bring it to their travel.

    It sounds like, i think, i will recommend the Ergobaby to them.

    All the best!

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Yes I agree these are al I type more pricey than your regular stroller but I think sometimes you get what you pay for as this is a really good compact stroller for both baby and parents. Thanks for leaving me a comment. Kenny 

  2. sheilandc says:

    wow this is perfect. MY sister in law just had her second baby and she has been wishing for the ergobaby stroller. or something better. This review is just perfect and timely. This helps a lot on deciding which stroller to gift her and my nephew. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      That’s great to know and I am so glad that you liked my review. I tried to be as objective and to the point as I could be. Kenny 

  3. Louis says:

    Hello Kenny,

    Thanks for this article. My wife and I are expecting a girl and we’re looking for a stroller we can use right away. There’s no significant difference in the price of both since I’ll still have to buy an insert for my daughter. However, I’ll go with the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller. Thanks for helping out

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hello and thanks for getting back to me. Also congratulations on your daughter. I think that the Ergobaby will win over most parents as it just has a little more bang for your buck. Thanks again Kenny. 

  4. Charles Holmes says:

    What a great comparison of the two baby strollers. I never knew baby strollers were so expensive. WOW! My cousin is in the market for a new baby stroller. I’m going to recommend the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller, based off your recommendation, and send her to your website so she can read your review. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hello and thanks for the feedback. Yes sadly the cost of having kids can get pretty high lol. But at least you get some great quality features with these strollers so I’m glad you took the time to check them out. 

  5. Leo says:

    Great comparison.

    The decision fell on Ergobaby Metro.

    They look compact and easy to fit in most buses, trams, and small cars.

    The Ergobaby Metro trolley can easily be fitted with one hand without tilting since you have to hold the child with one hand while the other trolley is attached.

    Suspension on the front wheels is great options, and large rear wheels make for a pleasant ride.

    Ergobaby strollers look ultra practical and compact.

    Have a nice day,


    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi yes it is very easy to use and to travel with. I can say as a parent it’s so important to be able to actually be able to carry around with you, without much hassle at all. 

  6. Geoffrey wurz says:

    Thank you for the review of Ergobaby metro VS the Babyzen Yoyo. I like the detail that you put I to the article explaining the difference between the two the prices and where to get them at that is the most affordable. I would have to agree with you that my choice would be the Ergobaby metro also. Mainly because of the material used is nicer. When it comes to picking out a stroller you want them to last and making baby comfortable is of the most importance.  Thank you for the article. 

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Thanks for getting back to me and leaving a comment. Yes there is not a lot of difference but I personally feel the Metro is a better deal. 

  7. GVporras says:

    Thank you for sharing this great great review about these strollers, they look very good and very comfortables. 

    these 2 pairs strollers seems to provide the necessary for any parents in comformity and luxury, I will share this to my brother he may like one of this strollers. 

    I am looking for a stroller that fits my needs since I occupy a double stroller there are some that you may recommend me?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write back to me. I hope that my review has provisions clarity to you and it offers some good help. 

  8. Shani says:

    Hi Kenneth! Thanks for the review, I have read it after owning the ergobaby metro for sometime now and having experienced for a week with the yoyo. I have to say that no doubt the ergobaby takes it big time! On top of everything you’ve said, those large back wheels make this one so much sturdy than the yoyo, it feels like a real buggy and less like a dolls one.. I think because the yoyo was the first to be so small it’s very popular but there are
    So much better strollers out there, like the ergobaby 🙂 thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  9. Siti says:

    Can you make comparison between Silver Cross jet stroller and above two stroller? I’m looking for a lightweight yet sturdy travel stroller.

    1. Hi I’ll absolutely do that in the future. Thanks

  10. Stephane says:

    thank you for the article.
    Is the Ergobaby compatible with a car seat? if not, I would say that’s the main cons between the 2!

    1. admin says:

      Hi thanks for the question. I’ll find out for you.

  11. Christine says:

    I own the ergobaby metro stroller and live in an area with a lot of cobblestones. It rattles ALOT and quite loudly when going over cobblestones or uneven paving. People stare…

    Just something to keep in mind. Not too sure about the yo-yo

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the info and sharing it with other site visitors.

  12. roxydog1312 says:

    Great info about the two strollers.  I agree, it really is unfair to make the parents pay for the inserts.  As if your baby isn’t going to grow from newborn to 6 months and up!  However, they look like really great strollers.  I like how they for up, and the one has a shoulder strap so it can be carried getting on and off of airplanes.  I’m a grandmother, and I have a new grand baby coming any day now.  I think I will pass this info on to my daughter.  Thanks again for the great information!  Rhonda

  13. Nomie says:

    I’m not a mom yet but this is very interesting because my cousin just gave birth.  I’ll be telling all about these two products since she might be needing them soon. Its interesting to know that the strollers actually differ, I always thought they are the same and basically have the same characteristics. 

    Interesting read, loves it. I will definitely recommend this site for my cousin. 

  14. Dario says:

    I wish i had these when i was driving my baby brother around. And as a soon to be father i’m pretty grateful for this post given the fact that traveling will be an inevitable option.

    Cause i’ve had just bad expirience with strollers all arounf.

    But thanks to this i’ve changed my mind.

    And thanks again you might’ve saved my back.

    Keep doin the good work and i’ll be definitevely be getting one of these.

    Peace out.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Thanks for the feedback my friend. I know exactly what you mean. You need a decent stroller or buggy to get around in, and sometimes they can let you down.

  15. Jy says:

    I agree about the car seat compatibility being the main difference. I would also love to see a Metro v. Silver Cross Jet review !

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