Hello, and thanks for visiting my site. I will be guiding you through the latest creation from those clever people over at Ergobaby. The Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller.

As the name suggests, this is their crack at the highly competitive stroller market. We will look at all the key features that Ergobaby hopes will differentiate their line with other top industry brands. Will look at reviews, price and how it compares to other strollers on the market.

Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller

What are the key features?

OK so this is the interesting part. First of all, the Ergobaby Compact City Stroller is designed to be ultra lightweight. It’s only 6.3kgs and can folded with just one hand. Yes that’s right, like a magic trick, with a shake and twist this state of the art baby stroller can be folded and compact enough to carry in one hand, like an oversize briefcase.

Ideal stroller for parents travelling with their baby.

Hence, the name, they really weren’t kidding about the compact part. As the picture below shows! And of course like all things Ergobaby, it is designed to be a snug fit to your baby’s little body for extra comfort. It also has smooth ride suspension, for when you’re out traversing the busy city streets.

Now unlike the Ergobaby 180 stroller, you can’t lift and turn your baby’s carriage to face you. A drawback I’m guessing that comes from the ability to be able to fold the compact stroller so tightly. Still don’t let that put you off, as there are planets of other great features to this particular stroller to marvel at.

You can see why so many choose Ergobaby.

. You have the recliner seat.

. The fully flat position that is available for newborn babies. ( we will come to that part later).

. A large SPF 50 sun canopy with peek a boo window.

. A nice adjustable leg rest.

. The mesh covering can be covered for protection against the elements in rain or cold.

. Tough rubber puncture free rubber tyres.

. Smooth ride suspension.

. A large basket underneath that holds upto 4.5kgs with a hidden backseat pocket.

. You also get a 2 year warranty, so you needn’t worry if anything goes wrong.

Is it really that different from other strollers on the market?

A stroller with a difference

OK so here the thing. All strollers are not made equally. Sure at first glance they all are designed to hold your baby in a carrier on wheels right? Well actually there is a wide difference in quality of materials and how durable they are, and that’s for starters. The Ergobaby Compact City Stroller is a very well made product, from a trusted brand, albeit one better known for their top of the line baby carriers, than their strollers.

But the materials used are great for comfort and ease of cleaning, they are machine washable after all. But what sets this stroller aside is the fact that you have all these great features, and it is specifically designed for ease of use and carrying. You can literally take this stroller anywhere, so long as you have a free hand.

I just don’t think that right now on the market, there is a stroller of this high quality that will be this lightweight and compacted for ease of use, and be durable enough for you to trust putting your baby in.

It can be used from newborn….with an added cost.

Use this stroller from newborn with this accessory

OK so the Compact City Stroller is designed to be used from 6 months right up to 18kgs. However, if you want to use this stroller from birth, then you can invest in the Metro Compact City Stroller Newborn Kit. It does allow you to have a fully flat lying position for your baby and it also faces you. It does however cost £129.90. It is at least easy to install and fits on to the stroller framework in a couple of minutes.

Easy to attach newborn kit

It has the same SPF 50 sun canopy and some adjustable reclining positions, other than flat. It is also ultra comfortable with the same strong padded materials.

OK but is it worth the price?

Well in my opinion yes, as the Ergobaby Compact City Metro Stroller will set you back £299.90. You will be hard pressed to find a stroller that is this easy to transport and with as much comfort for you and your baby for a much better price than this.

So if you are looking for a new stroller, and you tend to go travelling a lot with your baby, then you might do well to consider investing in this particular stroller. Also, aside from the newborn kit, you also have the option to purchase the Metro carry travel bag for £24.90. As seen below.

Protecting your stroller from the elements


In my view, this stroller is no doubt top of the line, and certainly pushes the boundaries of what a stroller can do, whilst being so lightweight and compactable. There are so many positive reviews about this product, and even if you are not happy with the quality for some reason, as I have stated earlier, you have the 2 year warranty for your own reassurance.

I hope that you found this review useful and will consider clicking on this link to go through to the main Ergobaby site and check out the Metro Stroller or anything else you might need for your little one.

For an excellent alternative to the Ergobaby Metro, I would highly recommend reading my review of the Armidillo City Slim Folding Pushchair from Mamas&Papas.

Or the another very impressive creation from the talented designers at Ergobaby? The Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller! Click here for my full review.

Once again thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you will visit again, check more of my reviews or content, and consider leaving a like, share or comment below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and I will get back to promptly. Also, if you would like to subscribe to my site for more updates, reviews and free discount codes, please see the subscription box to sign up.

Many thanks,


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  1. Lane Onson says:


    I guess a person would ask why would a mom spend this level of money on a stroller when there are so many other items out there. What are your thoughts on it.

    1. Hi and thanks for your question. What I think is that it really comes down to a choice. How much do you value the ease of carrying and movement the this particular stroller offers. And it still gives a great degree of durability and comfort. But absolutely it really depends on what your looking for. Hope this helped, Kenny.

  2. Renton says:

    Man, babies get the coolest stuff, they are almost like secret agents like Bond. They have all these cool. colorful toys, high tech racing seats (car seats), personal servants (mom and dad), plenty of nap time and even free Uber (strollers)! I think its very cool though, like a tiny human with tiny human gadgets.

    this stroller is really cool. It does look like a huge briefcase. I think that technology used like this is the way forward. People are looking for more features packed into a smaller frame and this definitely responds to that desire.


    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and yeah I agree technology is great these days. This stroller is so advanced and very convenient for so many families. Thanks Kenny 

  3. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    This post will be written by my wife, since she is super fascinated with blogs with information for babies.

    Hello, how I love reading this type of information to help us to get us know more products that are not in the supermarket or other stores with easily accessible. The product “ergobaby” I had not heard or seen it before.We still don´t have children but we are preparing to soon have a baby in our life, and this type of post helps us to have more knowledge and get some advice on what is best for your needs and what is not, as the same for the baby.The price I think is fair for everything that is mentioned here, it seems to be of good quality, it is comfortable and has several forms of adaptation and besides it is very light. Sometimes we have to pay a little bit more to get this kind of quality.

    Thank you.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and thanks for taking the time to view my site. Yes I try and offer quality reviews and reflect a fair price range for my visitors. Thanks again, kenny

  4. Gina says:

    Hi how does it compare to Babyzen yoyo+? Would you recommend one over another? Thanks.

    1. Honestly I would not recommend one iver the other as in terms of price and functionality they are very similar. It’s all a matter of personal preference

  5. Dale says:

    Now here is a piece of equipment that is needed.  I work in a big office where many parents bring their children to the day care.  I see these big, bulky strollers tucked into corners, under desks and many other places.  This would be great for all of those people.  I think the price i fair.  After all what is the price of convenience?

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Yea I agree that this is a very durable and reliable stroller and it will suit many parents for sure. Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. Kenny 

  6. Jennifer says:

    Wow, this is a great review! There are a lot of features to look for when buying a stroller. I do like how the Ergobaby is so compact and lightweight. The baby seems like it would be quite comfortable too. It really comes down to money and what someone wants to spend. Personally, I would want the best for my baby and how easy a stroller is to use. When babysitting my niece many years ago, the stroller I used was so bulky and heavy. A lot has changed since then. I really appreciate how all the information is laid out and simple to view.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Yes for sure the standard of today’s strollers are so much better as you would expect. I hope you like this post and you will share with others. Thanks

  7. Chris says:

    Thank you for this great review. This looks lke just the thing I am after a lightweight and easy to fold stroller! That photo of the woman carrying it like a briefcase is awesome. I have an Ergobaby baby carrier but had no idea that they did strollers aswell, it looks like the stroller is the same great quality. 

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Ho that’s great and o hope you will consider looking at it on the Ergobaby main site as there are so many other great products on there too. 

  8. Che says:

    Hello there!

    It’s great that I came across to your site, particularly to this post, as I am an expectant mom who is about to give birth soon. So I really have a long list of the things we need to have for our baby. And stroller is one of things we still haven’t found yet. 

    So, thanks for this great review of ergobaby stroller. I will definitely include it ad one of my best choices. It is a little ibt expensive but considering the ergonomic features and benefits for having this kind of stroller will really be a good investment. Stollers will be used for around 3-5 years – so the price shouldn’t really matter. 

    Oh, Thanks for links on where to buy it – made my rrsearch easier 😀

    Best regards and God bless,


    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and thanks for getting back to me. I agree that it has some great features and it is also extremely durable too. Thanks, Kenny

  9. Tucker says:

    This is a very complete review! I like how you featured many pictures of it, both of just the product itself and of the product in use. I also like how you set out the features of the stroller in a succinct, easy to read list. I would think a lightweight, foldable stroller would be essential in metropolitan or city locations, but one question, where can it be found at a discount price? 

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Yes it is a really great stroller to have for it’s functionality but if your in an urban area even more so. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Kenny 

  10. Riza says:

    Great post i really like how you have reviewed the strollers. The babies just enjoy the comfort the strollers come with. This is very great for the child and also makes it easier for the mum to carry around with the child. I think this products are great and any parent would buy this for his or her child. Thank you

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Great if you to leave me a comment, I agree this stroller is very helpful and versatile. Perfect for any busy parent, which is most parents to be honest. Thanks, Kenny 

  11. kaeyoes says:

    This is a really nice pram!  I love the large canopy and the fact that the one has the little cot for the infant.  I preferred seeing my babies when I would take them for walks.  I was able to take care of a few things quicker if there were any mishaps.  Also, it was better to keep the sun out of their eyes.  As they got older it was better to turn them around to see things.  They weren’t so bored then 🙂 The lightweight of the pram is really nice too.  It’s things like this that it would be nice if my babies were still small enough to use them 🙂  Thanks for the review 🙂

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi yes this is a top of the range product. Actually for the price it’s at I think it’s a great deal. Kenny 

  12. A says:

    hi. So, i have a newborn soon, so my question is: would you recommend Ergobaby Metro for newborns? because that newborn part looks 2 light? im questioning safety?
    and as i dont have experience with babies,,, is it important that a baby looks at you when it is in the strollers?
    They are super light, and that is my main concern.
    Are they safe enough?
    specially compared to bugaboo bee 5, if you have experience with them too?

    1. Hi it is up to the parents if they have their baby facing them. It can be nice to have the choice certainly. As for safety, the Ergobaby is a really quality and durable brand that can in my opinion can match or beat anyone for comfort and safety. Thanks Kenny

  13. Leo says:

    This stroller looks so cool, very beautiful design. I like the dact that it’s ultra light, it can help a lot. What about the fact that can be handled manually like a normal oversized bag? Priceless feature, I have not seen it on other strollers. SPF cover is a great feature too. I’m really interested on this stroller, I think it will be the perfect choice for our baby.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and yes it is ultra lightweight and the best bit is that it does not compromise the high standards of Ergobaby.

  14. Chrissie Spurgeon says:

    Hi Kenny

    This stroller sounds a really good buy for anyone who really needs a light-weight stroller.

    I very much like the fact that with the addition of the newborn kit, you then have the advantage of the baby facing you, which in my opinion is a real bonus.

    Does it fold just as compactly when the newborn kit is being used?

    I think that I would certainly recommend this stroller or anyone who was looking for an adaptable and light weight stroller.

    Very many thanks for the information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Yes thanks, I also like the fact that as an industry strollers and pushchairs are just getting more and more lightweight and compact without compromising the durability or standards. Thanks, Kenny 

  15. Alexander says:

    I like the compactability and lightweightness of this The Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller. It seems so perfectly convenient. The 2-year warranty is great to set my mind at ease. I also like the adjustable leg rest, the solid puncture resistant tires, the smooth ride suspension and the machine washable materials. This stroller has it all!!

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Yes this is probably the best one on the market, although the price reflects this. It is worth the investment in my opinion though. Thanks. 

  16. pmbaluka2016 says:

    This is a wonderful information about baby stroller I’ve been looking for. My wife and I were blessed with a son mid last month and we have been looking forward to purchase a stroller for him. 

    We were not sure which is best in terms of comfortability, portability and budget also. These pictures represent exactly what I’ve looking for but the price seems higher than my initial budget. Do you have the another option for $150 budget?  

    I’ve bookmarked your post for future reference.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi thanks for the feedback about my site and this product review. I am very happy you found it useful and I hope to see you again soon in the future. Thanks Kenny 

  17. Ally says:


    This stroller would be perfect for me. I have a 3 year old as well as a newborn but I didn’t want to purchase a double stroller because of the size. I also was looking for something that is easy to fold and travel with. It seems to me that this would accommodate either of my children as well as travel with us easily. I can’t wait to order it!



    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi that’s great and I hope you will also check out the link here for another great pushchair. From Mamas&Papas;. Thanks, Kenny

  18. David says:

    Thanks for the great article, Kenny!

    I found your article well written and it has peaked my interest in the ergobaby. There is nothing more important than a baby and how we travel around with the baby in safety and comfort is really important.

    Just a question – I live in Australia. Is it possible to purchase from you in or for Australia?

    Many thanks


    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi thanks for your comments. I also believe that this stroller is so high quality and the price is well worth it is it will be a durable item. Thanks, Kenny 

  19. jeysatified says:

    I’ll be jealous oof any baby that has the luxury oof riding in that! Wow.. I must say every detail it compacts is worth the price. The safety guaranteed aand portability too! All in one back to back. I’ll recommend tthis for any mum any day anytime.

    Really cool review!


    Sharon Jey

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Lol, thanks for that and I agree it is a high end and exciting product for sure.

  20. Kris M. says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for sharing this stroller.  The stroller I used for my son was big and bulky, so heavy!  This looks like it is lightweight and wow at how compact you can fold it.  I think it is most definitely worth the price just for that feature alone!  I wonder if there are accessories you can get that might snap on to it somehow like bottle holders or a tray for snacks?

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and thanks for you comments and question. Yes you can get accessories for this stroller and I can vouch for the quality of this stroller as my youngest son is currently using it. Thank, Kenny 

  21. Andrew G says:

    Kenneth, it is great that you have dedicated this site to helping mothers throughout the world. I like that you have the features listed out for this particular model. This way we have a summary of the benefits that your baby can derive from the sleekest design i have seen on the market, although I’m no expert on it. That’s where you come in.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hello and thank you for your appreciation for my work. I am very grateful for your feedback and your comments. I absolutely want to be of use and guidance for as many parents as I can. Thanks, Kenny 

  22. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    I was looking to buy stroller for my uncle because he just had a new baby. After reading this article I’m really considering ERGOBABY METRO COMPACT CITY STROLLER. First of all I love the overall design of this stroller. I like how it can be folded into a small sized rectangular box. I really like the color in it. It doesn’t seem expensive to me. I might just buy it.

    Thank you so much for the article.

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hello and thanks for getting back so quickly to me. I’m glad you liked this review and I hope you will share it with others in the future as my goal has always been to spread the word about useful products I find online. Kenny 

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