Hello and thank you for visiting my site. We will be looking at the Ergobaby Bundle Savings and show you what you get with each bundle and how you can save between 20-30% off some amazing high end products from Ergobaby.

Plus at the end of this review I will share with you where to find another FREE 10% off discount code for Ergobaby right here on my site!

Sound good so far? I hope so. Let’s look at the bundles on offer or go straight to the Ergobaby site right now.

Omni 360 Bundle

Ergobaby bundle savings

Ok, so with this bundle you get to choose the leatest baby carrier from Ergobaby:

. Namely the Omni 360 Baby Carrier-$180

. Followed by one of either the Drool Bib-$25 or the Organic Drool pads-$20

. You then select a Swaddler-$25

. And a Baby Sleeping Bag-$30

You get 30% off for this bundle. Thats an amazing $77 off the normal price! Impressed yet?!

360 Bundle

So the 360 Bundle is slightly different as you get to 5 items as opposed to 4. So if your not too fussed about the very latest baby carrier, this could be the one for you.

It includes:

. The Ergobaby 360 baby carrier-$160

. The Easy Snug Original Insert-$35

. Either the Drool Pads-$20 or the Drool Bib-$25

. The Baby Swaddler-$25

. And the Classic Baby Sleeping Bag-$30

Again you are given 30% off your bundle so it looks something like this:

The standard 360 bundle

Adapt Bundle

The Adapt Baby Bundle consists of the:

. Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier-$140

. A choice between the Oganic Drool Pads-$20 or the Natural Drool Pads for $17.50

. A Baby Swaddler-$25

. And a Baby Sleeping Bag-$30

This is also discounted by 30% and is a slightly overall cheaper bundle, so your saving is this:

Good overall value for money.

Swaddler and Baby Sleep Bundles

The Swaddler bundle consists of 2 baby Swaddlers and the Baby Sleep Bundle of 2 Baby Sleeping Bags.

There is also an On The Move Sleeping Bag Bundle too.

A lovely pair of items for your baby

These bundles are 2 of the same kind and at least right now you cannot mix and match between them. Hopefully Ergobaby will rectify this in the future. These bundles are discounted at 20%.

Wrap Baby Bundle

This bundle gives you slightly more selection of what you want to put together. You can choose:

. Either the 360 Carrier-$160 or the Original Ergobaby Carrier for $120.

. The baby Wrap-$50

. Either the Drool bib-25 or the Organic Drool-$20

. And the Baby Swaddler for $25.

At 30% your bundle if you choose the cheaper original carrier will look like this:

The Ergobaby Wrap Bundle

Diaper Bag Bundle

Then we have the Diaper Bag Bundle. Which has in it:

. The Ergobaby Coffee Run: Convertable Diaper Bag-$69.99

. A choice between the 360 carrier-$160 and the Original Carrier-$120.

. And the Drool Teething Bib-$25 or the Organic Drool Pads-$20

Discounted at 20% your bundle could look like this:

The Diaper Bag Bundle

So then to conclude

These bundles are really super good value as the products are all high end quality and 20-30% off is not nothing!

my only gripe would be that you cannot put together and get your own selection and get a price quoted. But hopefully the clever folks and Ergobaby will look at this in the future for us.

Now remember I told you I would share with you a free discount code of 10%?

Well here it is, you can also find it on a side widget the home page of this site.


10% off works for one of each item in cart, expires on the 31 December 2019.

So if you would like to go and view any of these bundles or anything else from Ergobaby, then PLEASE CLICK HERE NOW to go straight to the main Ergobaby site and search for what your looking for.

Again thank you for visiting my site, it means a lot to me. If you enjoyed my review then please like or share below and if you want to leave a question or comment feel free to do so and I will reply to you promptly.



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  1. francis says:

    Hello Kenny,This is awesome helpful information that you do not need to have the guesswork on choosing the right baby bundle.  I will surely tell my sister in law which recently had a newborn to check out the selection that you recommended. Personally i liked the Omni 360 bundle.Thank you for a great review

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Thanks, I am pleased you took the time to visit my site and read my review. It’s akways good to get positive feedback. 

  2. Salim says:

    Hello, good day

    The bundles are really cool and helpful as it helps save a lot, I’ll tell my friends to try them out. You’ve really done a good job also, reviewing the bundles and properly highlighting them. In my case I’ll prefer the diaper bag bundle because of the organic drool pad

    Have a nice day

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Thanks that’s nice to know as they are really amazing quality and for sure the diaper bag is a nice touch. Best wishes, Kenny 

  3. Favour says:

    Omni 360 seems to be the best as it makes the baby very comfortable looking in or out, or on the backs. I use while going out for an event so I don’t need to haul the baby stroller around and it’s so advantageous and simple. I exceedingly prescribe getting the Omni 360 baby bundle for your child and Ergo is the best option! What’s more, in case you’re going Ergo don’t dawdle with baby bundle and go specifically to the Omni 360. It’s expensive however justified, despite all the trouble, you will love it!, it’s better to buy long lasting product than buy product that you might never liked due to it’s low quality

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Excellent that you have tried the Omni 360 carrier. It is a really excellent product and it’s so comfortable to use too. I hope you enjoyed reading my review and will visit again soon. Thanks, Kenny 

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