These are some examples of the compatible car seats for the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller. I have used a link for each to as if you click through from any of them you will find the full range of compatible car seats.

Please be aware the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller is compatible with almost any design from the three brands of car seats shown in this review AND the Nuno and Cybax car seats also, that are not featured on this review as they are lesser known brands.

I have simply taken a high end design from each of the main three well known brands shown in this review. As mentioned above, if you click through to the main site however, you will find many more designs of each. Please enjoy the review.

Graco Milestone All-In-One car seat

Compatible car seats for the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller

So as the name may suggest. This baby car seat is usable from birth to 12 years old. It is transformable from birth to 13kgs, going on to a forward facing harnessed infant seat of 9-13kgs and then upto a high backed booster for 15-36kgs.

You will find the right fit for your little one quite easily with the multi harness and 10 position headrest system. There are also 4 recline positions and removable plush inserts.

For safety this car seat also a steel reinforced frame and side impact protection. It is fully machine washable and comes with a cup holder too.

Chicco Go One car seat

Chicco is designed for comfort over anything else.

Then we have this number from the clever design team at Chicco. This car seat is designed for the 9 months to 4 years age bracket. Or It has a fast installation system and there are clear signs for when you have properly installed the car seat as the red locking arms will show the green parts only when you have secured your baby car seat correctly.

Then we look at the comfort features of this car seat. We have 6 adjustable positions for the head rest and a 5 tilt position backrest so you can always ensure your child is comfortable as they get older. For ease of washing the seat cover is removable without have to take of the straps so any errors in putting it all back together again is taken away.

The people at Chicco really went with the comfort angle in mind for this one, as even the shoulder straps are made from a non-twist material for extra luxury.

Britax Romer Baby Safe Plus car seat

Great safety features in this car seat.

This is another baby car seat designed to be used from birth to 15 months. This is a car seat that is snug, yet is built with safety as the key feature. Did you tell by the name?

This car seat possesses superior side impact protection and deep padded side wings. It is also designed with practibility in mind as it has an easy release single handed function from pushchairs or strollers. It’s click and go travel system means it’s easy to install in the car or on to a stroller.

It has a quick and easy removable cover when washing and all in all this is one of the most safety oriented car seats I think I have come across.

I hope this helps.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my review and it helps you to decide on whether you wish to invest in either the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller or one of these compatible car seats to go with it.

I hope you will look at other product reviews on my site and if you wish to leave a share, like or give a question or comment, please feel free to do so below. Thank you so much for visiting my site.


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  1. Rob S. says:

    Car seats have sure changed from when my kids were young! It’s all about comfort and safety which makes total sense.

    We are going to be grandparents shortly and my daughter is going to need a car seat for sure! Now that I think about it, she may need 2, one for each car!

    These seats have adjustable head positions which is cool. It’s nice that the seat can be installed fast because you may want to be taking the seat in and out of the car at some points.

    It’s hard to choose one because they all look very well made.Are these lightweight to carry?

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and thanks for your reply. Congratulations on soon to be grandparents! That’s great news. Yes they are all very lightweight as in this day and age the materials are just as strong and much lighter than in previous generation. Thanks, Kenny 

  2. Nuttanee says:

    The Graco milestone all in one car seat is cery financial friendly. I mean you cannot beat that, you can use it from child birth to 12 years old. Having a baby cost a lot if you can save money on the car seat it is the deal you can get. One of my friends is expecting around April of next year, the baby shower is coming up, this will be the best girft for her. I might need people to ship in with me though lol great list.

    Happy Holidays 

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi it’s great to hear from you and thanks for commenting on my site. I always try and balance quality with affordability whenever I do a product review. So I’m glad you noticed and liked my work. Thanks. Kenny

  3. Maria says:

    All those car seats are great, I liked to much the Britax Romer Baby Safe Plus car seat, but it can’t be shipped to US. I will be a grandma soon and we need one of those. After reading your review, I will look in Amazon US to see if I find some one like those. Do you know if in Amazon/US I can find them? Thank you for this review 😉

    1. Kenneth Glossop says:

      Hi and thanks for the great comments on my site. I am really glad you liked my review and I hope you will visit here again soon for further updates.

  4. Hierroman says:

    Great review my friend on the ergo car seat. My nephew just turned 3 and I pick him up a lot so I bought a car seat but he doesn’t seem to like it that much. I’ll definitely be looking into the Chicco Go One car seat. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi that’s great. I’m happy to have been if service. Have a great day.

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